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Each year St. Louis REALTORS® accepts nominations for REALTOR® Awards. Qualified members should demonstrate a commitment to the real estate industry, their surrounding community, and other related issues or projects. Awards presented include:

  • REALTOR® of the Year
    This award is designated for Principal Brokers who have displayed exemplary business practices and outstanding service to St. Louis REALTORS® and their communities, as well as exhibiting REALTOR® spirit - which is defined as high principles of integrity, adherence to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, and furtherance of the principles of professional real estate practice among brokers, agents, and the general public.
  • REALTOR® Associate of the Year
    This award is designated for sales associates who have displayed outstanding service to St. Louis REALTORS®, their local communities and exemplify the term REALTOR® through their REALTOR® spirit and their business accomplishments - which can be defined as high levels of transactions or volume, imaginative and creative advertising programs, rehabilitation work, land utilization, etc.
  • Papin Lifetime Achievement (Formerly the Jack Goldman)
    This award may be presented to one individual whose body of work or service and focus efforts, over an extended period of time, significantly enhanced the St. Louis area real estate industry.
  • Manager of the Year
    This award is designated for managers who have inspired their associates to excel in the industry, as represented by training programs, specialty education, creative business models, or other forms of member support, as well as encouraging associates to support and engage with St. Louis REALTORS® and the communities we serve.
  • Affiliate of the Year
    This award is designated for affiliates who have displayed outstanding service and support to St. Louis REALTORS® in the past 12 months.
  • Commercial REALTOR® of the Year
    Recognizes the member who best carries the REALTOR® brand in local commercial real estate circles - and works diligently to communicate the value of REALTOR® membership to fellow commercial practitioners in St. Louis.
    - Holds commercial broker's license
    - Is a commercial division member of St. Louis REALTORS
  • Young Professionals Network (YPN) Rock Star
    This award is for the member who energizes and encourages other real estate professionals to be engaged in the activities of the association, participate in policy discussion and advocacy issues, demonstrate a high level of REALTOR® professionalism, and be a prominent volunteer in the communities we serve.
  • Foundation Champion
    This new award is for the exemplary member who demonstrates with consistency the ideals of the St. Louis REALTORS® Foundation - commitment to community service and giving back, through volunteerism in association-sponsored activities, programs and events; and fundraising.
    - Service on Community Engagement Committee (CEC) or Foundation Board
    - Participation in at least 50 percent of CEC and Foundation activities for the year; and
    - Contribution of $250 or more to the Foundation - or fundraising equivalent
  • Ellen O'Brien
    This award is designated for REALTOR® and REALTOR®-Associate members who have given their time and talent to their communities, or civic organizations, related to the real estate industry with outstanding dedication.
  • Eyermann Distinguished Service
    This award is for an active member of St. Louis REALTORS® who has performed an outstanding task or provided distinguished service to the real estate industry in the past 12 months.
  • Elisha Brown Pioneer Award
    This award is for the member who embodies the pioneering spirit and ideals of the the Fair Housing Act.


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