Nestled in between the western-St. Louis County cities of Ballwin and Manchester is the city of Winchester. Encompassing no more than 0.25 total square miles, Winchester has a population, as of the 2010 census, of nearly 1,547 residents. Located about 35 minutes west of Downtown St Louis via Interstate 64 and Highway 141.

Winchester’s history begins around the late 1920s when stock was sold to develop a subdivision on the southwestern corner of Manchester Road and Sulphur Spring Roads. The area was considered to be a part of the village of Manchester so this new subdivision originally went by the name of Manchester Acres. Unfortunately, as the depression affected many major developments within the country … production cost for the subdivision eventually went bankrupt so the project subsided.

As time went on, the area was eventually developed as a part of the Manchester area … but its own separate incorporated village. This village, though the history of its original name is not documented, was incorporated in 1935.

In 1950, Manchester became a registered under city status within St. Louis and all portions of the current-day Winchester area were not included in Manchester’s new city outline. Residents of the village decided to create a city of their community that laid in between the boundaries of Ballwin and Manchester … the name for this area was created from the name of its two neighboring cities into Winchester — BallWIN and ManChester!

Residents of Winchester are served by both the Rockwood and Parkway School District.

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