Westwood is a village located in western St. Louis County with its closest neighboring cities being Creve Coeur and Frontenac. Covering no more than 623 square feet and a population, as of the 2010 census, of 278 residents.

Westwood was incorporated in 1951. Although most of the area’s past and how it came to be is not on recorded history, a giant landmark for the region is the Westwood County Club, a championship golf course that encompasses more than 6,766 yards. In fact, most of Westwood’s entire land area is made up of the country club’s grounds.

Raked 29th in the 2012 Platinum Clubs of America “Top Full-Service Country Clubs,” the club was founded in 1907 with the intention of crafting a Jewish-centric country club for the St. Louis county area. The club was originally built in the town of Glendale and covered no more than 3,000 yards at the time.

Two decades later, many of the original members had moved westward to the cities of Clayton and Ladue and wanted to bring the club closer to their homes. Farmland area surrounding current day Westwood was purchased in 1927 and the new club began construction that fall. In 1928, Harold Paddock Sr., a famous golf course architect from California, helped design a 72-par, 18-hole golf course on the newly purchased land. This layout was one of the more innovative course designs within the Midwest golfing region and remained the largest for several years until the Bellerive County Club’s new course was built in 1960.

Along with the course, the Westwood Country Club also includes 10 tennis courts and an Olympic-size swimming pool. In an effort to keep a low profile for its members, the course tends to not favor hosting larger golf tournaments — but has held both the 1939 Women’s Western Open and the 1952 Western Open.

Residents of Westwood are served by the Ladue and Parkway School District.

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