Twin Oaks

Located in the heart of the western portion of St. Louis is Twin Oaks. Covering nearly 0.27 total square miles, its population at the time of the 2010 census was recorded at 392.

Why the name “Twin Oaks” you ask? Upon its incorporation in 1938, it was highly believed towards the southwestern end of the city (in between the intersections of Crescent Road and Crescent Avenue) there were two strong oak trees that stood strong and proud. “Twin Oaks” indeed!

Its history begins in 1925, when vegetable farmer James Stoker had an abundance of acreage and was looking for a way to decrease the chances of a tax increase in regards to Valley Park looking to incorporate the area. Along with his neighbors, Stoker formed the “Village of Twin Oaks” and they began to build towards a better haven for themselves, sometimes even holding events to collect money to work on improvements when necessary.

In 1958, Old Town (Twin Oaks’ earliest neighborhood) was created and held roughly 30 developed homes. Throughout the 60s and 70s, more homes would be built cultivating in the Birnamwood Condominiums Complex, which would consist of 78 units built around the time of Interstate 44’s completion in 1972. Residents of Twin Oaks are served by the public Valley Park School District

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