Pacific is a city located in mid-St. Louis County that borders alongside areas of nearby Franklin county. As of the 2010 census, the city’s population was 7,002 residents. Originally known as the town of Franklin during its earliest development in the 1800s, Pacific now encompasses no more than 5.93 square miles.

The area’s earliest history begins right around the turn of the 1800s when the first log cabin was erected by an unknown traveler. This helped set the groundwork for further development projects, like the very first covered bridge that stretched across current day Pacific to the Meramec River. As settlements arranged throughout 1820 to 1840, a small-town community was settled under the name of Franklin in 1852.

One of the area’s first established businessmen was a man by the name of William Mauthe, a German born individual who, at the age of 24, first arrived to America in 1850. Four years later he settled into the town of Franklin and is credited for building the area’s very first brick house and the town’s very first hotel, the Franklin House. Throughout his success in both residential and commercial construction, this gave him leeway to establish, what many consider to be, the largest and most sufficiently run department store of its era, the Mauthe Department Store.

The 1850s would also be a time of community expansion as the Atlantic-Pacific Railroad laid tracks into the town of Franklin in 1853, allowing residents to travel more freely and frequently. The inclusion of the railroads generated a tremendous amount of excitement for the small town since it brought commuters to the area and gave way for population growth. With the area of Franklin being at the end of the line, travelers upon the new railroad were able to see the blossoming look of the town and eventually purchased lots.

As the region’s first post office and schools were built in the mid-1850s, the area changed its town name to Pacific in honor of the Atlantic-Pacific Railroad that helped the new enhancement for the area. Shortly thereafter, Pacific was incorporated under city status in 1859.

Residents of Pacific are served by the Meramec Valley R-III School District.

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