Eureka is a city in the southwestern portion of St. Louis County, located off Interstate 44.  Unique in its small town-atmosphere, while providing easy access to St. Louis City, Eureka covers more than 10.45 square miles of land. As of the 2010 census, the city’s population was 10,189 residents.

Eureka’s story begins in 1858, with the area being platted along the route of the Missouri Pacific Railroad. According to history reports, those working in the construction of the railroad came across the land encompassing current day Eureka and discovered the area was level with no rocks and virtually no dirt to move. Upon seeing this, they exclaimed “Eureka!”, a Greek term that translates to “I’ve found it,” — and the name has stuck ever since.

By 1890, Eureka’s village encompassed roughly 100 homes and was surrounded by rich agricultural land. The amount of growing families and farming culture within the community led to the creation of the St. Louis Children’s Industrial Farm, a camp that gave underprivileged city children the ability to learn about — and experience — rural life. It’s currently known as Camp Wyman and is one of the oldest camps in United States history.

Eureka would officially be incorporated in 1954 with a total land, slightly under three square miles. Due to its close proximity to Interstate 44, the population of Eureka would grow starting with only 817 residents at the time of incorporation to more than 2,000 only two decades later in 1974.

Residents of Eureka are served by the Rockwood School District.

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